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About Me

Who Am I

A small introduction

Hi, my name is George, this is my website and here is everything you need to know about me. I’ve been practising computer science since early 2014, learning both software development in the form of console applications and windows form in VB.net and C#, as well as website development, using HTML, CSS and bits of Jquery, JavaScript and PHP. I have also done database development, in the form of Microsoft Access and MySQL.

Grades and awards

What I have achieved so far

12 GCSE grades

A total of 5 A*'s or equivalent, 4 A's or equivalent, 2 B's or equivalent, and a D in Spanish

DofE Bronze

Including 3 months worth of volunteering, skills developing and 6 months worth of physical activities as well as a 15…

Other Achievements

Including a C in the GCSE equivalent Extended Project Qualification, a 2:2 in the Brilliant Club and many awards for…

Websites Worked on

As an example of what I have done



Comet Air


Multi Heating Services


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